About us

The plan was to move to California, somewhere up north, by San Fran. We’d had it with Brooklyn. The middle fingers. The lack of smiles. The grime. It was time for something new, something softer. So we sold, donated, and threw out just about everything we owned. What was left fit in a 5’x5’x4′ storage locker. We only kept the best: old guitars, notebooks filled with scribbles and stories, a wooden statue of Buddha.

And that’s when it happened. Something came over us. Why California? we asked ourselves. Why, indeed. Because suddenly we realized we could go anywhere. Anywhere. And as that thought settled in, we realized California would have to wait.

We bought 1-way tickets to Paris, and that begun our little journey.

This blog you’ve stumbled upon is where we share our memories and moments and reflections. We hope you enjoy your stay. We’ve sure enjoyed putting it all together.

Lou & David