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  • We Will Be This Air Again

    We Will Be This Air Again

    March 29, 2015 | As told by Lou from .

    If I could Capture anything To carry with me When I go It wouldn’t be the Streets or Buildings or What they call Culture. No. It would be the air Rustling of the leaves Intoxicating wave that Swells and stops Stops and swells Cooing pigeons. This air that carries Sounds of summer Children playing soccer…

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  • How She Brought Me Here

    How She Brought Me Here

    May 12, 2014 | As told by Lou from , .

    The last few months in New York weren’t pretty. The city began suffocating like a snake and there was no escaping it. Every stranger on the street, every horn blaring at 1am, every unkind remark…if before I could stomach it, those last few months it became too big of a burden to carry. How did I…

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  • Lisbon’s Tiles

    Lisbon’s Tiles

    May 7, 2014 | As told by David from , .

    When you get so close that your nose is pressed up against them, you see the brush strokes, where the hand pressed harder on this one and softer on that. You see that the blues and the greens are different shades. That they’re not perfect squares after all. There are millions of them. All different. Covering…

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